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School Priorities

Priorities 2020 – 2021

  • To ensure all children close any gaps in learning due to Covid-19 closure through adaptation and differentiation of the current curriculum.
  • Review current assessment cycle in light of Covid-19 and ensure children meet age related expectations as soon as possible.
  • Introduce and embed new baseline assessments in EYFS.
  • To support staff, children and parents in relation to mental health and well-being post Covid-19.
  • To continue to develop high quality teaching and learning across the curriculum.
  • To continue to enrich and personalize our curriculum, making relevant changes to support a 1.5 form entry.
  • To further develop staff subject knowledge to ensure accurate and consistent use of both core and non-core subject assessments.
  • To rigorously monitor attendance, bring in line with National data and reduce persistent absence (PA).