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Year Groups

Class Organisation – September 2022

Early Years

All the children in both Nursery (FS1) and Reception (FS2) will follow our Early Years programme in order to develop their learning through carefully planned areas of development.

Year 1 – 2

Year 1 / 2 classes are a combination of students from Year 1 and Year 2.  The classes have been mixed in order to support our children and encourage those who are advancing quickly.

Year 3 – 4

Children in our Y3/4 classes work hard on developing their skills and knowledge of challenging academic tasks in the core subject areas of Maths, English and Science as well as in all Foundation subject areas.

Year 5 – 6

Year 5/6 are the most senior years in the school.  Children develop their key skills in preparation for the end of Key Stage 2 SATs. Year 5/6 are expected to lead by example both in academics and behaviour.

You can view our Learning Mats for more information about what is being taught in each phase during each half term.