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How We Teach Computing



At East Dene Primary School, we want children to be excited about computing and we recognize that computing supports children in the ever-changing world of technology, encouraging them to become digitally literate which will then enhance their knowledge and support them being active participants in the digital world


At East Dene Primary we promote the use of computing and technology within all areas of the curriculum. We feel that embedding computing into the wider curriculum will allow children to be creative with their use of technology.

Our computing curriculum focuses on five key areas,

  • Computing systems and Networks
  • Programming
  • Creating Media
  • Data Handling
  • Online safety

We follow the Kapow Computing scheme of work which caters for mixed year groups. It has been thoroughly planned out to enable children to revisit the 5 key areas each year to continue to build upon their prior knowledge.
The scheme of work has been designed as a spiral curriculum with the following key principles in mind.

Cyclical: Pupils revisit the five key areas throughout KS1 and KS2.
Increasing depth: Each time a key area is revisited, it is covered with greater complexity.
Prior knowledge: Upon returning to each key area, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build on

We feel strongly about Online Safety at East Dene and we want all children to feel confident when using all aspects of the internet. We plan in half termly online safety lessons to ensure all children receive the most up to date knowledge to support them in making sensible, thought-out choices when online.