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Art & design

Introduction to Art and Design

At East Dene School we are artists!

Our Art and Design curriculum provides our children with opportunities to develop art skills, including; generating and developing ideas and being able to evaluate their own and others’ work. We also provide our children with the knowledge of various artists (past and present day) and their techniques as well as developing elements of art such as; line, colour, shape, form, texture and tone.


Our Art and Design curriculum develops knowledge and understanding of various artists and art forms. Art and Design promotes our children’s curiosity, resilience and independence to express themselves how they choose. We encourage children to think about their emotions and interests as well as other cultures and values.

Art and DT Enrichment

At East Dene Primary we provide many opportunities for our children to access clubs, both during the school day as well as after school, which further inspire our children to become creative, imaginative and resourceful; these include Craft Club, Construction Club, Drama Club and Book club.  – Ideas for art projects to complete with an adult at home.  – A chance to explore more artists as well as things to make and do.

To support your child/children with developing their artistic skills you could:

Get your child drawing

Ask your child to draw or sketch something from their imagination, something they have seen as a still life e.g. a flower in the garden or an arrangement of everyday objects. How would you improve this next time? Could you add tone, shade or depth to your drawing?

Expose your child/ children to as many different medium and skills as possible

Allow your children to use different materials in their creations, pencils, chalk, charcoal, oil, pastels and paint. Ask them how they would use these and which they prefer. You could even research different artists that use each of these mediums. All artists have their preferred or more commonly used mediums and subjects. You could also talk to your child about their favourite medium and subject.

Encourage your child/children to develop a love for art

Parents can help children through encouragement and praise. More specifically, helping children to become aware of and explore their individuality and choice through art. You could discuss the use of everyday objects and allow your children to be creative by making activities open ended. Allowing them to work with subjects they enjoy and the mediums of their choice.

Look out for competitions

Encourage your child to enter art competitions – there are many different competitions published regularly by different companies.  Competitions are often a good way to spark your child’s imagination and creativity.