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Cultural Capital – History

History Enrichment

This history curriculum aims to develop pupils’ cultural capital by helping them gain a coherent understanding of Britain’s past and appreciating how events and people have influenced the development of British society. It also aims to give insight into world history to help pupils develop perspective and understanding of other cultures.

The curriculum will introduce pupils to significant people, events, places and artefacts that have shaped the nation’s cultural heritage, identity and values. This will be reinforced through educational visits to important historical sites, museums, galleries and places of cultural interest.

By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils will have gained essential knowledge to help them participate in conversations about their nation’s past and culture. The skills and dispositions fostered through the curriculum such as critical thinking, interpreting evidence and chronological understanding will also contribute to their future economic and social mobility.

Examples of history trips that we have been on include visits to:

  • Clifton House as part of a Victorian experience
  • A stone age visit to Creswell Craggs
  • The Jorvik centre in York
  • Sheffield Museums
  • Leeds Museum with a focus on The Egyptians
  • Eden Camp to support the WW2 topic

Children also have a range of enriching experiences in school, including: analysing resources such as rocks and fossils, historical visitors sharing historical information,  ‘wow’ hook days with costumes and real-life experiences, a VE party, Ancient Greece day as well as family learning days and many more!