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Cultural Capital – Music

At East Dene we want to ensure children have transferrable skills for the future. Children’s cultural capital is developed further by children taking part in musical instrument lessons. At East Dene, specialist teachers deliver tailored recorder lessons to the Y3/4 pupils. In Y1/2, children will learn to play the glockenspiel where learning is built upon each year. In Y5/6 children, ukulele lessons are delivered to the children. The children have an opportunity to become a member of the school choir, which gives all year groups a chance to come together to make ever lasting memories. Performance has been built into our curriculum so the children can perform for others and share their learning. Every other week, children take part in singing assemblies where they are exposed to a wide range of musical genres. The children are also going to be taking part in numerous musical activities outside of school. This will include One Voice, Big Blast and singing in the community.