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Read, Write, Inc – Overview

Read, Write, Inc. at East Dene Primary School

At East Dene we want our children to see reading not only as being taught by their teachers in school but as an activity which provides pleasure and unlocks the world for them, opening up a whole host of opportunities. To teach early reading, we use a synthetic phonics programme called Read, Write, Inc (RWI).  RWI is a method of learning centred around letter sounds, phonics and blending sounds together to read and write words. Using RWI the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can then put all their energy into comprehending what they read.

Our implementation ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives for early reading. RWI is taught discretely because we feel passionately about not compromising the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become an effective reader.  Children are given every opportunity to apply their skills and understanding throughout the rest of our curriculum.  RWI is taught through a progressive sequence of sessions every day.

We passionately believe that with the right support, all children can and will learn to read. In order for all children to be successful readers, they are assessed each half term and grouped according to their ability. As well as half termly assessments, we constantly informally assess the children to make sure that they are at working at the appropriate level. If needed, children receive additional daily one to one support to help them on their journey to becoming a confident reader. Within the daily RWI lessons, children are encouraged and supported to not only develop their decoding skills and to build up their fluency but also their comprehension skills.

The children take part in RWI lessons every day with a fully trained member of staff. The books read during these lessons are kept in school and the children then take home a similar RWI reading book matched to that level.  We have a variety of both stories and non-fiction texts and ensure children have access to both in every level that they read.  Weekly homework links to the sounds that the children have been taught during the week, providing the children with additional opportunities to practice and apply the skills that they have been taught in school.

You can find out more information about out approach to Read, Write, Inc in the document below:

Read, Write, Inc at East Dene Primary School

Phonics Screening Check 2020-21 Parent Information