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Concepts – RSE

The curriculum at East Dene Primary covers various concepts appropriate for young children. Some of the main concepts include:

  • Families and relationships – Teaching about different types of families, healthy friendships, caring relationships, and respect for others.
  • Online safety and media literacy – How to stay safe online, behave respectfully online, and understand media messages critically.
  • Mental wellbeing – Managing emotions, self-care, and getting help if feeling unhappy.
  • Respecting self and others – Bodily autonomy, privacy, boundaries and consent. Saying no.
  • Puberty and body changes – Learning about puberty before its onset, physical and emotional changes.
  • Reproduction and human life cycle – Basic facts about life cycles, pregnancy and birth.

The focus is on developmentally appropriate information delivered through activities like stories, role play, and class discussions. Accurate vocabulary for body parts is introduced early on.