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Curriculum Aims – RSE

Our RSE curriculum at East Dene Primary School aims to teach children several core concepts and skills. Some of these are to develop healthy, nurturing relationships based on respect, care and positive values. This includes teaching about different types of families. To understand and respect different people, their backgrounds, cultures, faiths, and beliefs which serves well in our diverse community. Thus promoting inclusion, equality and compassion.

We also aim to teach the correct biological/medical names for the genitalia and reproductive organs at an age appropriate level and understand the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty. We teach children how to look after physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Children will understand personal boundaries, privacy and consent. Develop self-respect, confidence and responsibility and develop their understanding of staying safe online and offline, understanding potential risks. They will acquire the skills and knowledge to make safe, healthy and respectful relationships as children get older and they will develop critical thinking skills to interpret media messages about body image, gender roles etc.

The focus is on equipping children with age-appropriate knowledge, attitudes, values and skills they need to form healthy relationships, avoid harm and have a sense of their own identity and self-worth. The learning is reinforced throughout the years.