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Introduction to PE

At East Dene, the PE curriculum develops children’s knowledge of wellbeing, exercise, fair play and teamwork. Our children are encouraged to develop holistically through learning a range of sport skills, competitiveness, communication skills and nutrition. PE is linked to internal and external festivals which celebrate these skills and allow all children to flourish as they represent the school.




At East Dene Primary School, our vision is to encourage children to engage in a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet. Our key objective is to ensure that children have a positive relationship with food and physical activity when they leave primary school. We hope that this positive relationship will continue through their adolescent and adult life. During PE lessons and competitions, we will develop children’s understanding of fairness, sportsmanship, team work, passion, compromise and playing within rules. If children develop these skills, it will positively impact on their social relationships both within school (such as during playtimes) and outside of school. By the time children leave East Dene, we will develop children’s leadership skills as they progress through school. Leadership encourages children to be independent, good communicators, motivators, be organised and take control of their and their peers’ activity levels in schools. Overall, we would like children to use physical activity to develop themselves holistically- mentally, physically, personally and socially.


There will be 2 hours of timetabled PE lessons for every pupil where possible, which will allow pupils to build their knowledge of basic skills that can be applied to a range of different games and sports. Teachers will encourage all children to participate in PE lessons and will reference how exercise helps the body in different ways. Using the links with Live and Learn Sports, teachers will be upskilled to deliver high quality PE lessons of their own by working alongside the sports coaches. Teachers will gradually take on more responsibility in these lessons so they become coach supported rather than coach lead. The long-term plan will reflect different needs throughout the year and will be planned around children participating in inter-school fixtures. Therefore, they will have the skills needed to be competitive within those fixtures.
Swimming will take place for an initial 12 weeks in year 4. Extra sessions will be provided for children who don’t reach the national curriculum within the initial 12 week period.

Long term plan 2021-22


Extracurricular clubs

Children in all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs ran by Live and Learn sports coaches. These sports vary every half term to allow the children to have access to a wide range of skills and apply those skills to different sports. Clubs are promoted through letter distribution and by class teachers, especially if the clubs are under subscribed. Attendance at these clubs is tracked by the PE subject leader.

CPD for teachers

Teachers will work alongside the Live and Learn sports coaches to develop their PE teaching skills. Each teacher has an opportunity to support the coach at the beginning of the term. As the term progresses, they will lead more of the session and the coach will support the teacher. When the teacher independently repeats these lessons, the standard will be equal to that of the coach.


Children will be given the opportunity to participate in both intra and inter sport competitions. At the end of each unit of work, children will participate in an intra-class competition to showcase the skills they have learnt. This will allow children to develop their competitive skills in a friendly environment as well as building humility, compassion, communication and pride. Teachers will follow the Sports Games rules. As part of the Live and Learn sports provision and the School Games programme, children will have the opportunity to compete in inter-school competition against local schools after school and during school time. This allows children to showcase their skills in an unfamiliar environment and compete against unfamiliar children.

Links with other agencies

We have formed a link with Rotherham Titans Rugby Club, who will be offering further opportunities within school such as reading boosters, CPD and delivering high quality session across the whole school. This will also serve as an opportunity for children to attend local rugby matches and feed in to their junior teams outside of school.