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Cultural Capital – PE


Extracurricular clubs

Children in all year groups will have the opportunity to participate in after school clubs ran by Live and Learn sports coaches. These sports vary every half term to allow the children to have access to a wide range of skills and apply those skills to different sports. Clubs are promoted through letter distribution and by class teachers, especially if the clubs are under subscribed. Attendance at these clubs is tracked by the PE subject leader.

CPD for teachers

Teachers will work alongside the Live and Learn sports coaches to develop their PE teaching skills. Each teacher has an opportunity to support the coach at the beginning of the term. As the term progresses, they will lead more of the session and the coach will support the teacher. When the teacher independently repeats these lessons, the standard will be equal to that of the coach.


Children will be given the opportunity to participate in both intra and inter sport competitions. At the end of each unit of work, children will participate in an intra-class competition to showcase the skills they have learnt. This will allow children to develop their competitive skills in a friendly environment as well as building humility, compassion, communication and pride. Teachers will follow the Sports Games rules. As part of the Live and Learn sports provision and the School Games programme, children will have the opportunity to compete in inter-school competition against local schools after school and during school time. This allows children to showcase their skills in an unfamiliar environment and compete against unfamiliar children.

Links with other agencies

We have formed a link with Rotherham Titans Rugby Club, who will be offering further opportunities within school such as reading boosters, CPD and delivering high quality session across the whole school. This will also serve as an opportunity for children to attend local rugby matches and feed in to their junior teams outside of school.


Across the week, there are many opportunities for girls only playground activities so that they have the same opportunities as the boys without feeling intimidated and can play sports and games within their comfort zone. Over the course of the year, we aim to invite children, who may not otherwise attend extra-curricular sports clubs, to attend them. This may be children who struggle to push themselves out of their comfort zone or children who are otherwise inactive.

Additional Opportunity

Children will be given the opportunity, where possible, to attend professional sports matches at prestigious venues such as New York Stadium and at Clifton Lane rugby ground. We also follow world-wide events in classes, such as following the Women’s Euro football.

We endeavour that every child will represent the school at competitive sports fixtures at least once before they leave East Dene in year 6. This ensures that every child has the opportunity to feel pride in themselves for being selected to represent the school and to take part in competitive sport.

In year 5 and 6, children have the opportunity to attend a residential trip to Crowden for 3 days. For pupil premium children, this is subsidised so more children are offered the chance to attend with their peers. Children do activities such as stream scrambling, zip wire, crate stacking, midnight walks, kayaking and rock climbing. This enables the children to complete activities that they wouldn’t normally do in school and also builds teamwork skills.