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Research Around the Curriculum – PSHE

At East Dene we pride ourselves on our curriculum being researched based. Here are some key research findings on the importance and impact of PSHE are:

  • A large-scale study by the University of Hertfordshire found that students who received PSHE lessons had better psychological wellbeing and adaptation to school. They were more motivated, had higher self-esteem and lower emotional difficulties.
  • A 2020 Ofsted report highlighted that quality PSHE provision contributes to positive school culture and enables students to be confident, resilient and independent.
  • According to a 2017 DfE report, PSHE builds character and helps students know how to be responsible, respectful and active citizens. Over 80% of students surveyed said it helped them understand how to manage challenges like exams, bullying and transitions.
  • The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues found that well-implemented PSHE cultivates core virtues like integrity, compassion, gratitude, courage and humility. This shapes children’s character and moral development.
  • A Cambridge Primary Review Trust study showed PSHE is vital for safeguarding students. It helps them recognise and report harm, abuse, grooming and exploitation.
  • Ofsted’s reviews show quality PSHE provision is a vital part of outstanding schools. It contributes to students’ safety, welfare, academic achievement, personal development and future success.

Extensive research demonstrates PSHE provides diverse benefits spanning academic, social, emotional, moral and character development for primary school students.