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Concepts – Geography

Here are definitions for key concepts that run through our Geography curriculum at East Dene. 

Place  The human and physical characteristics that make a location unique and distinctive. Sense of place refers to the meanings and attachments people associate with places. 
Environment  The living and non-living elements of an area and how they interact. Environments provide resources for human habitation and development 
Space  The physical gap or distance between locations and objects. Also refers to the organization and arrangement of things in an area 
Scale  The level of detail at which we examine phenomena, from local to national to global perspectives 
Diversity  The variety between places and among people, cultures, landscapes, ecosystems. Geography examines the interconnections between diverse groups 
Interconnection  How places, people, economies, cultures are linked at scales from local to global through movements of goods, technology, ideas, people 
Change  Alterations in natural systems, human activities, landscapes, cultures, political systems over time. Geography analyses drivers and implications of change. 
Sustainability  Meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable practices consider environmental, social, and economic factors.