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Curriculum Aims – Geography

Geography Curriculum Aims 

Our primary geography curriculum aims to: 

  • Inspire curiosity and wonder about the diverse world in our pupils who come from a wide range of cultures. 
  • Equip pupils with substantive geographical knowledge taught through recurring concepts that spiral in complexity. 
  • Ensure the curriculum is progressively sequenced, building locational knowledge and skills overtime. 
  • Make learning relevant through exploring contemporary issues and real-world connections. 
  • Develop spatial awareness, mapwork skills, and fieldwork capabilities through local environment. 
  • Promote care for the environment and sustainable futures through geographical enquiry. 
  • Foster intercultural understanding and celebrate the diversity of people, places and cultures globally. 
  • Build transferable geographical skills to analyse issues, think critically and communicate findings. 
  • Provide disadvantaged pupils with cultural capital to access future opportunities. 
  • Inspire pupils to recognize geography’s relevance to their lives and roles as global citizens. 
  • Spark curiosity that leads to lifelong geographical interest and learning. 

These aims deliver an ambitious, equitable and inspiring geography curriculum, rooted in Ofsted’s focus on locational knowledge, fieldwork skills and geographical concepts while reflecting our diverse school community and contemporary world. 

PRIMARY national curriculum – Geography