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Cultural Capital – RSE

Cultural Capital

As well as following the Jigsaw programme at East Dene Primary School to support our children in their Relationship and Sex Education we also have Big Talk workshops for the children to access. This allows children to talk and ask questions with trained professionals regarding relationships and their changing bodies.

Parents are also given chance to access workshops regarding this prior to the children accessing the workshops. Alongside this we also have our School Nurse who comes into school to support our Year 5 and 6 children to understand more around their changing bodies and what is happening to them as they grow and develop.

During the Summer Term we have our Relationships Spotlight Day which is a day dedicated to developing children’s knowledge further surrounding relationships with others and giving them another opportunity to explore this subject. Representatives from the Local Authority support children within this as well as class based activities.

As this can be a sensitive subject we have our Learning Mentors who can support identified children who may be having difficulties with relationships or the changes to their bodies.