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First report September 2019

EAST DENE Primary School values pupil voice and we believe all of our children have the right to share their thoughts and feelings about their school life and learning environment. Our School Council aims to provide all children with a forum to express their opinion and make suggestions.

School Councillors have been voted by their peers to represent their class and will be involved in work which aims to enable our children to explore, discover and fly high through courage, kindness and curiosity.


Following class elections, East Dene Primary school is proud to announce the School Councillors for 2019- 2020. Each School Councilor delivered a manifesto and was voted in by their fellow class members.

  • FS Dua & Khadija
  • Y1 Tia
  • Y1/2 Ellie
  • Y2 Matilda
  • Y3 Isabella & Maja
  • Y4 Muhammed & Laiyla
  • Y5 Michelle & George
  • Y6 Gen & Kian

All School Councillors will be busy making suggestions boxes for their class. They will be located in every classroom to encourage all children at East Dene Primary School to express their opinions or make suggestions about their school environment and community, over the following year. Suggestions will be discussed at monthly School Council Meetings.


School Council have already been busy suggesting valuable rewards for good lunchtime behaviour. A lists to be given to Mrs Vickers who will announce them in assembly on Fridays Celebration assembly. Children who display positive behaviours and good decision making in the school dinninghall and playground will have their name written on a raffle ticket. Every week, two raffle tickets will be drawn in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Celebration Assembly.  The lucky winners will be invited to a special lunch with Mrs Ridge at the end of term. Good luck everyone!


Year 6 School Councillors will produce a termly newsletter to inform the school community of their work plans and outcomes. These will be published on the school website and delivered to each class. The aim is to have a termly project, which will focus on the school community, a charity event and improving the natural environment over the year.


School Councillors have already suggested what they would like to achieve by the end of the year.


Aims of School Council 2019-2020

  • Ensure the playground is fair to all.
  • Introduce reward time to recognise good behaviour and decision making.
  • Raise money for a chosen charity.
  • Pay respects throughout the year through minute silences e.g. world disasters, Remembrance Day.
  • Raise money for a reading Hub on the playground.
  • Make links with our local care homes.


School Councillors have their picture displayed in school, with a quote outlining their aims as your School Councillor.They will receive their badges and sweatshirts shortly.
Do remember to put any of you suggestions or opinions into your class suggestion box and we will discuss them during our School Council Meeting.