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PSHE at East Dene

PSHE curriculum implementation

At East Dene Primary we will be ensuring we deliver a high-quality PSHE curriculum with many opportunities for pupils to take part in activities and experience to help them grow into confident young people.

This means PSHE at East Dene Primary School allows our children to develop an understanding of how themselves and others play a key role in being part of a unique and diverse community. They learn about social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of life running alongside our school values. These include Respect, Resilience, Friendship, Empathy, Kindness and Responsibility. Children at East Dene Primary School are provided with many opportunities to develop their personal skills and how to become a positive role model who can contribute to school life and the wider community.

We ensure children can access a well thought out PSHE curriculum through the delivery of the Jigsaw programme. This programme allows us to ensure key learning in delivered at an appropriate level and is adapted where needed to ensure all pupils can gain an understanding of PSHE.

This is also supplemented through regular Spotlight Days over the course of the year which allows us to ensure we are promoting the Protected Characteristics within school and also specialist visitors into school such as Road Safety Officers and Online Safety experts.

School Council

The School Council allows for children from across school to develop an understanding of British Values and democracy. The School council meet regularly with Mrs Kay so they can discuss ideas for school and also any issues that the class representative needs to raise. School Council members then feedback any news to their class. Each year classes vote for new representatives through their own class voting system. Throughout the year the School Council members support different projects in school such as providing food hampers at the Harvest which are taken to our Local Church or also visiting our local care home.

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