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At East Dene Primary School we believe we can teach children Relationship and Sex Education through showing children how to build and form positive relationships with the people around them. We endeavour to show children that healthy relationships can mean many things to different people and want the children to understand what is meant by a healthy relationship. Children are also taught about how to keep themselves safe and the changes that happen to their body over time.

RSE at East Dene Primary School

Children at East Dene Primary School follow the Jigsaw Programme to help them develop their knowledge in Relationship and Sex Education. This is mainly covered in the ‘Relationships’ and ‘Changing Me’ sections. To complement this knowledge children are also able to access ‘Big Talk’ workshops during the Summer Term and also workshops delivered by representatives from the Local Authority.  Big Talk workshops have also been made accessible for parents and carers so they can broaden their understanding of what their child/ children will be learning as part of the Relationships and Sex Education.

Please see the overview of the Jigsaw Programme by clicking on the Enrichment tab.

How parents/ carers can help

Relationship and Sex Education can be a sensitive subject to talk to your child about but it is extremely important that they develop their understanding of this at an age and stage appropriate manner. It can help to keep them safe, develop their understanding of the changes they face over their life time and help them to understand what a healthy and loving relationship means thus protecting them in the future. You can help by talking to your child about the following things

  • Discuss what friendship means and special relationships we have with people
  • Talk about what it means when we love someone
  • Talk about different family set ups
  • Name body parts using the correct terminology
  • Discuss that there are rules and boundaries in relationships to help them stay healthy
  • Explain it is ok to say no to someone
  • Discuss how our bodies change as we get older/ puberty
  • Talk about what bullying means and what to do about it
  • Discuss what we mean by trust
  • Talk about physical contact
  • Talk about relationships online/ keeping safe
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Talk about what happens when someone is having a baby
  • Encourage confidence and boost self esteem
  • Discuss body image and the media
  • Name feelings and explain that these are ok/ support in how to manage different feelings.

Big Talk

We work alongside Big Talk Education, who are a social enterprise group that deliver age-appropriate information through well-resourced and sensitive workshops. Big Talk have also led staff and parental sessions to help inform all members of our school community about what a loving and healthy relationship is in Modern Britain.

Please see the link below for more information.


As well as following the Jigsaw programme at East Dene Primary School to support our children in their Relationship and Sex Education we also have Big Talk workshops for the children to access. This allows children to talk and ask questions with trained professionals regarding relationships and their changing bodies. Parents are also given chance to access workshops regarding this prior to the children accessing the workshops.

During the Summer Term we also have our Relationships Spotlight Day which is a day dedicated to developing children’s knowledge further surrounding relationships with others and giving them another opportunity to explore this subject. Representatives from the Local Authority support children within this as well as class based activities.

As this can be a sensitive subject we have our Learning Mentors who can support identified children who may be having difficulties with relationships or the changes to their bodies.