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At East Dene Primary School we believe that our PSHE curriculum plays a vital role in the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural elements of the whole pupil by providing opportunities for them to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes and explore the values and attitudes they encounter both now and in the future. We promote our school values of respect, resilience, empathy, kindness, friendship and responsibility through many different incentives and raising awareness of these on a half termly basis. We believe that as a school PSHE can open many doors to opportunities in the wider world for our children and understand how important this is for their future. From September 2020 as PSHE becomes a statutory requirement of the National Curriculum East Dene Primary School will be ensuring they deliver a high quality curriculum with many opportunities for pupils to take part in activities and experience to help them grow into confident young people.

PSHE curriculum intent

PSHE at East Dene Primary School allows our children to develop an understanding of how themselves and others play a key role in being part of a unique and diverse community. They learn about social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of life running alongside our school values. These include respect, resilience, friendship, empathy, kindness and responsibility. Children at East Dene Primary School are provided with many opportunities to develop their personal skills and how to become a positive role model who can contribute to school life and the wider community.

School Council

The School Council allows for children from across school to develop an understanding of British Values and democracy. The School council meet regularly with Mrs Vickers so they can discuss ideas for school and also any issues that the class representative needs to raise. School Council members then feedback any news to their class. Each year classes vote for new representatives through their own class voting system. Throughout the year the School Council members support different projects in school such as providing food hampers at the Harvest which are taken to our Local Church or also visiting our local care home.

View our curriculum overview here

School Values

At East Dene Primary we have six values across school. These include Respect, Friendship, Resilience, Responsibility, Empathy and Kindness. Not only promoting these values through every day teach there are varying initiatives across school to encourage children to develop these values. One of the initiatives is the chance for children to earn their six badges of East Dene. Children each have a chart with the school values on and any child who has demonstrated all six values by the end of the year is entered into a prize raffle.

We also have our Kindness Tree where each term a child from each class is selected for an act of Kindness they have completed and their name is places upon the Kindness Tree. At the end of the year any child whose name is on the Kindness Tree has chance to win a special prize. This runs alongside our celebration of random acts of Kindness which we complete annually. Some of these include visiting the local care home, washing the dishes for the cook, raising money for our chosen charity.

How parents/ carers can help

Personal, Social and Health Education is such an important subject to talk to your children about. It will allow them to understand how to become a responsible and respectful young adult as well as giving them the life skills to help them in the future.

Ways you can help

  • Talk to your children about they are feeling whether this during exciting or difficult times.
  • Try to name different feelings to help them to understand how they might be feeling and explain that ALL feelings are ok.
  • Discuss how to keep yourself safe including road safety, the dangers in drugs and alcohol and the use of household items.
  • Talk about medicines and how these can make us better but also the need for using them safely.
  • Talk to your children about what being a good friend means and help them to understand what bullying.
  • Discuss what a healthy relationship means and about how people can have different families.
  • Explain how it is important that we have rules in place for both school, home and the community
  • Explain to them about their own body and how this will change as they get older.
  • Talk about how to look after themselves both physically and mentally
  • Discuss the value of money and the importance of this.
  • Explain about different cultures, religions and sexualities with your children.
  • Encourage your children to have a healthy diet and explain why each food is important.
  • Ensure your child is using the internet safely and responsibly and explain the importance of this.

Spotlight Days

Over the course of the year, we hold a ‘Spotlight Day’. These are based around the themes of PSHE to allow children to have a specific focus for the day and children can have time to explore the theme in depth. The themes that are being covered this year are Healthy mind means healthy you (mental health), We are all wonderful (celebrating differences), Together for a better internet (E Safety), Healthy me (Diet and fitness), Everyone is unique (Relationships). Parents are informed of the themes for these days so they can encourage this learning to continue at home.


At East Dene Primary School, we believe that running alongside all subjects enrichment will help to foster the children’s knowledge and understanding of subject areas. This means that we regularly organise days to promote PSHE and always try to give the children ‘real life’ experiences wherever possible for example a trip to the Fire Station when learning about ‘Fire’.

Whole School celebrations

Over the course of the year we raise awareness of different issues arising based around PSHE. Some of the these are Anti Bullying week, E safety Day or any special celebrations that occur in the school year such as VE Day, the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Here are some website links to support learning in PSHE.

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 and 2

CBBC’s stay safe on line. Test your internet safety knowledge with Hacker, listen to some Stay Safe songs with Helen Skelton, News Kids On the Block and Bobby Lockwood and get some tips from the Horrible Histories gang.

Disaster Island.

Kidsmart, learn about the internet and being a SMART surfer; plus lots of good sites for children.

Safety Net Kids, all things to do with keeping safe.